Broken Bicycle


Nowhere I go,

Nowhere I need to be 

To understand that a broken bicycle

Is chained by fear of finding who I want to be.


My life has been a huge roller coster ride for several years now. I have gone up, I have gone down. During that inimitable voyage, I lost myself in my own life: “Why these things happened to me? How do I heal my scars? How to forget the past? Am I going in the right direction?”. All these questions and many more were popping in my head like “brilliant” ideas. Except, they were actually awful.

During this emotional period, I have been searching for something that could help me heal and I found the passion for photography, love for everyday environment and lacking answers in colors…

“Harmony in Colors” project was supposed to look different when I first thought about it but artistic serendipity came to play and I cannot be any happier about how everything worked out. I do believe that we meet the right people at the right time in our lives and Kasparas was one of them. We are both young artists with bright and optimistic ideas which we hope can make people around the world appreciate what they have instead of chasing the unknown.

I and Kasparas did not think about collaborating at first but when we got to know each other, we saw that we have quite similar ideas which we can relate to. Both of us have degrees in business but felt the need to do something different with our lives and dedicate it to creative arts – I expressed myself through photography and he writes poems while travelling around the world. We stopped pretending to be what everyone else might have wanted us to be and quit our jobs to pursue the actual dreams. That is when fate brought our arts together and “Harmony in Colors” project took its final form. 

Many artists don’t like collaborations as they feel that they are the only ones who can translate ideas in a proper way. We want to show that it is not true and that people should not be afraid to trust each other and let others help them to complete the bigger picture. We think that each fine art print would still be fine without poems attached to it and vice versa, but why settle with fine when we can shoot for meaningful?

To read more about “Harmony in Colors” project, click here : About the Project.

“Just keep breathing. Trust the moment. At the end it all works out just fine.”

JB by Iveta Studio


I have never had anything too much in my life, because I never found a courage to listen to myself what I truly want. This time is different.

I am Julia Bedrova, a Lithuanian woman on her way to living the life to it’s fullest.

After the high school, I left Lithuania and moved to Leeds, England, where I graduated in Business Economics BSc. Just after my graduation, I was fortunate to get a job in a Private Equity company located in Vienna. The unknown future seemed exciting and challenging. During three years in Austria, I had a priceless experience in both my professional and private life, which had helped me to better understand my dreams and goals.

Many people, including myself at the time, believed that I would continue to pursue my career in the financial sector but fate had other ideas in mind and slowly but steadily pushed me towards arts and creation. The longer I thought, the better I understood that I had a talent in making people happy and expressing myself through photography. 

That is when I had to make a life-changing decision to either live comfortably as a financial expert or completely change my journey and let my heart show the way. I chose the latter option and started my new path as a photographer. How the first new life started.

The second ‘life’ call arrived not that long time ago. I remember myself during University. Few weeks before Economics exam, I was more delighted to read marketing and advertising books than getting ready for the test. I was struggling so much with all economy growth theories, but at least I knew all the intriguing marketing tricks Starbucks, LEGO and P&G had used to attract the customers.

Being passionate about this subject, absolutely by accident, I started my second work as a digital marketing strategist. I helped few people (now my “clients”) to make a marketing strategy for their social media business accounts and I understood that I could be good at it. I am beyond happy and greatful that they gave me this chance to try and believed in me. Thank you.

I can’t be happier about my job choices, even it’s just a beginning. Now I am happily living between my two favorite cities - Vilnius and Paris. 

Through my photography, I try to remind people that even the simplest things in life are often magnificent and mesmerizing - we just need to see the right angle. With this approach, I take photos of people, who are extraordinary from inside; forgotten places, which are often more inspiring than touristy spots; everyday situations, which carry incredible stories of their own if you take some time and listen. 

In the age of information and social media, we are always rushing somewhere without any time to appreciate the surrounding beauty and enjoy real life. We often lose ourselves in unnecessary doubts and silly fears, which can only harm our inner balance. I try to inspire people to look and see every beautiful detail in and around them to keep that balance intact. Maybe something what you are looking for it’s just right here, already in front of you. This method helped me find my path and now I am sharing it with the rest of the world through my work.