“Harmony in Colors” is a unique and authentic project which combines the art of photography, breathtaking sceneries, the science of colors and even a little bit of poetry.

Have you ever wondered why our soul heals gazing at the blue sky? Why we seek for balance in evergreen nature? Why the sun puts a big smile on our faces? One of the main reasons is colors. Every single color in the world has a way to reach us and impact our state of mind, no matter if we want it or not. With my project, I invite people to learn the magic of colors and use it to find love and peace even during the days when the balance seems to be lost.

My Limited Fine Art “Harmony” collection is carefully selected so that everyone could find that little bit of something extra, would it be a dreamy mood on rainy autumn nights, warmth on frosty winter evenings or inspiration for new beginnings. All the Fine Art Prints are accompanied with poems by a young Lithuanian artist. This collaboration provides a fresh look at art and provokes you to think about photography from a different angle.

Every single piece from the collection has a deeper meaning to me, and I hope that I will be able to share it with you as well. Some people believe that art has to reflect beauty; some think that it is supposed to carry a meaningful message. I try to aim for both because arts provide the biggest satisfaction when beauty meets and blends with ideas. 

This collection is all about the mesmerizing colors that carry uplifting ideas and can influence your life for the better.